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Tvärreds IF

Tvärred is a village with approximately 1,000 inhabitants on the outskirt of Ulricehamn. The club was built in 1930 when a group of youngsters started playing football near a local lake. The club has had many successful members during the club’s existence. At one time athletics was the most dominating sport. Table tennis, bandy and bicycle have also been represented. Today, football, skiing, and gymnastics are the main sports practiced in the club.

Skiing has been one of the sports represented since the start of the club. Tvärreds IF has organized many competitions over the years. Two competitions that annually are organized by the club are Tvärredsloppet and Västgötaloppet.

Tvärreds IF has had a winner in the Swedish Youth Championships. In 1998 the publication Svenska Skidsport, Tvärreds IF was appointed Sweden’s best club, due to the successes of Oskar Svärd and Linus Davidsson in several competions during that year.

Today, Tvärreds IF has approximately forty young skiers, and can boast of being one of the largest sections in the country. In 2007 the club had two district champions, Emelie Cedervärn and Hanna Wass I Women 15 and 16

Ulricehamns IF

The club practices several different types of sport, and recently celebrated its grand100-year jubilee. Apart from skiing, the club also offers Table tennis, French bowls and Ice hockey. The club has over 1,700 members, of which approximately 200 practice skiing.

Over the years, the club has organized and co-organized many competitions. In 2008 the club organized the Swedish Youth Championships, which unfortunately had to take place in Älvdalen, due to the lack of snow.

One of the most well known members of the club has been Oskar Svärd, who has won two Vasalopp in the yellow and black colours of the club. It can also be said that he also has roots in Tvärreds IF. Ulricehamns IF also has many up and coming members, such as Hanna Falk, who won a medal in the Junior Championship 2007, and Jesper Nilsson who in 2006 won a silver medal in sprint.

Tvärreds IF

Ulricehamns IF